About Us

EpicTopic helps people freely collaborate with topics to make it beneficial for everyone.
People want different things out of topics, so we empower people to use topics for the common good of everyone. You can have meaningful discussions with people, post content, promote what you care about and express yourself without politically correct censorship. 

All content is submitted and rated by people. You can add a promotion to topics, such as trade, services, jobs, personals, housing, and events. This is promoted on the open platform. You can stay anonymous by not using an email address.

Topics are shown based on the communities and people you follow. Communities are about specific topics and it’s possible to start your own. ET is customizable to your liking.

There are potential monetary rewards via subscriptions and 100% of donations go directly to users.

Examples of what you can do:

* Share topics you care about with the world
* Promote things for free related to topics so it’s useful for the common good.
* Bastion of Free Speech. Express your opinion about topics without worrying about comments being edited by people with a different opinion. Spam and pornography are not allowed in order to keep it civilized.
* Be anonymous without an email address
* Submit topics and promote what you care about.
* Vote to decide what rises to the top.
* Start or follow a community.
* Earn money with your topics via donations.
* Connect with like-minded people and gain followers.

We're steadily working on features and improvements. Check the FAQ if you wish to learn more.

Tech Startup

EpicTopic is an international startup. Development takes much work and dedication. We’re looking for partners to support our mission. If you're interested, please email us with "business" in the subject line to contact@epictopic.com or message via our Facebook page. Your support is highly appreciated.